The Three Main Enemies of Frying Oil

The overall goal of a frying program is to serve high quality fried food each and every day. This can be accomplished through proper oil management. By using the right processes and implementing best practices, you can expect to have the highest quality oil possible for the longest period of time.

One of the biggest prohibitors to oil longevity is the ability to identify and manage the “enemies of oil.” Essentially, there are three main external factors that can degrade the quality of your oil and contribute to its primary breakdown:

1. Air breaks down oil through vaporization and oxidation

Tip: Cover fryers when they’re not in use.
Caution: Always make sure to turn off fryers before covering them.

2. Moisture breaks down oil quality

Tip: Reduce the addition of water from foods as much as possible to increase the life of your oil. Don’t load baskets over the fryer, particularly when blanching foods. Instead, load them where excess food and ice can be shaken out of the baskets.
Caution: Hot oil and water don’t mix.

3.Oil lasts longer when used at the proper temperature range of 330º - 350º

Tip: Preheat fryers at least 30 minutes before use. Manage time between fryer usages to maintain optimal working temperatures. Once at temperature, reduce the effects of heat by reducing it during off hours. When the fryer is not going to be used for two hours or more, turn it off.
Caution: Never overload the fryer.