Alberta Minimum Wage Survey

Dear Operator,

Premier Notley’s promise to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr by 2018 is a major concern for our members, and all foodservice operators in Alberta.  Restaurants Canada (formerly CRFA) is working to change things.

We are set to launch a major campaign with four goals:

  1. Slow down the timing of minimum wage increases
  2. Cap annual increases to between $.50 – $.75
  3. Keep the liquor server wage until further study
  4. Introduce a youth minimum wage differential


You can play an important role in this campaign by taking our survey.  We need credible research about the impact of a $15 minimum wage on your business and your employees, particularly when the economy is weak and disposable income is shrinking. The survey will take just a few minutes and needs to be completed by February 10th, 2016.  The information you provide in this survey will be kept strictly private and confidential.  Your responses will not be viewed on an individual basis but analyzed in aggregate form.

Chris Elliot

Senior Economist

Restaurants Canada