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The Symposium

Terroir Hospitality 2017  May 29th, 2017 The Art Gallery of Ontario

Our Home and Native Land – Celebrating Canadian Gastronomy

To celebrate 150 years of Canada, our speakers and presenters for 2017 will reflect the history, leadership and diversity of the Canadian culinary landscape.

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Terroir Symposium is an annual professional development conference that brings together innovative and creative influencers from the field of hospitality, including chefs, food and beverage experts, food and beverage producers, writers and business leaders.

Terroir creates inspirational and educational programming that attracts individuals who are committed to the business of hospitality, passionate about food and drink and, are leaders in their respective markets.

Terroir delegates come from across Canada, the US and international markets.

Terroir is

Terroir started by creating a forum of inspirational and educational talks & programs as a way to bring people together from across all sectors of the hospitality industry. As a result of the efforts by a team of dedicated volunteers, Terroir has created an international network of hospitality professionals.

The Terroir audience is passionate about gastronomy, committed to ideas of sustainability and typically owner-operated establishments.

To this day, our greatest assets is bringing people together and creating relationships.

Terroir has always been a very grassroots organization and their strength is in community development.

All Terroir stakeholders participate & contribute to the success of the event.

The Program

As Canada celebrates our 150th birthday, Terroir Symposium marks its culinary coming of age by honouring our diverse gastronomic landscape.

In this country of mountains, prairies, oceans, lakes and rivers, we delve into First Nations food traditions—inherently respectful of the natural world—and how they inform mainstream Canadian farming, fishing, foraging and dining today.

We zone in on the waves of immigration, historical trading ties, and political clashes that have shaped our foodscapes and expanded our palates. We explore regional idiosyncrasies, indigenous ingredients, and scientific breakthroughs to take stock of where we stand in the world of food.

In a birthday toast of sorts, we raise our glasses to the rise of Canadian wines on the international scene. And then we pass the mic to the next generation, to share their vision for the next 150 years.

Join us at the Art Gallery of Ontario for a day of learning, sharing ideas and celebrating this historic landmark with our international peers.