Restaurants Canada members can get 10% off Sportsnet and TSN packages

Dear Restaurants Canada member,

Thank you for supporting our campaign to fight back on Sportsnet and TSN fees. We couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s what we’ve won for you:

Viewing vs. Seating Capacity (Occupancy Rates)
Sportsnet and TSN have both agreed to base pricing on viewing seating capacity, not overall seating capacity as originally planned. This would exclude rooms or defined areas with no TV or where the TV is not viewable.

Rogers is offering Restaurants Canada members a special discount on Sportsnet and/or TSN channels. If you’ve already re-signed your cable package with Rogers, ask them for your Restaurants Canada member discount. You’ll need your membership number.

All operators who have signed up for Sportsnet/TSN on a one-year contract, have the option of paying for the services on a month-by-month basis. Existing Rogers customers can also move to the Basic TV cable package for $23.99/ month on a 2-year term, as opposed to the Business VIP package.

Premium Sports, a third-party agency, is working with Rogers to manage these changes. Premium Sports will help you determine accurate viewing capacity and answer your questions. Contact Premium Sports at 1-866-711-7888.

Don't know your membership number?

Contact us at 1-800-387-5649 or

Bell has agreed to offer Restaurants Canada members 10% off the sports package, if you order both TSN and Sportsnet packages. If you have already re-signed your cable package with Bell, ask them for your Restaurants Canada member discount. Make sure you have your membership number handy.

Bell is also extending flexible pricing that only requires a one-month commitment. This option allows you to offer sports channels in the months you want, and is available to all businesses.

Shaw is only passing on the cost from TSN and Sportsnet, and is the lowest-cost provider. Get Shaw’s Rate Card for satellite offerings. We haven’t been able to confirm if Shaw is offering Viewing Capacity rates, so ask your Shaw representative.

Eastlink is offering Sportsnet and TSN packages separately, or as a bundle with the Golf Channel. Get the Rate Card. Eastlink is also offering Viewing Capacity rates. Ask your Eastlink customer representative for details.

Telus wouldn’t provide us with a price list, but referred customers to Premium Sports. As Premium Sports is offering Viewing Capacity rates for Rogers, Telus customers should ask for a similar program. Contact Premium Sports at 1-866-711-7888.

Other providers
We haven’t been successful in reaching some providers. If your provider isn’t listed, ask it for a Viewing Capacity rate. TSN and Sportsnet both agreed to this rate, so your provider should honour that decision.

We will continue to push for better deals for you. Thank you again for supporting our campaign!

James Rilett

Vice President, Government Affairs

1155 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON  M6J 1J4

T:  416-649-4241 toll free 1-800-387-5649  |