Webinar: Improve Your Bottom Line With Seafood

Originally Presented: Thursday, August 9, 2018 – 2pm-3pm EST
Speaker: Corporate Chef Philman George, High Liner Foods

Corporate Chef Philman George of High Liner Foods will be sharing insights on how seafood can be the solution to exceeding customer expectations and generating substantial profits.

This webinar will provide insights on:

  • What customers are really asking for when they visit restaurants
  • The many ways seafood can help improve your business
  • Analyzing and streamlining your menu
  • The advantages of frozen seafood


Philman George
Corporate Chef, High Liner Foods Inc.

Philman is no stranger to seafood! With both of his parents hailing from the small Caribbean island of Barbuda, he naturally learned to appreciate seafood at a young age.  He shares his passion and love for seafood with Canada’s most trusted seafood company, High Liner Foods, where he has been the Corp Chef for the last 5 years.

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