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      Protect your business with Professional Fee Protection (PFP Inc.)

      Gaps in our members’ insurance coverages have been identified and we are now able to provide the membership with unique coverages.
      Restaurants Canada in partnership with PFP Inc. can now protect your business from unexpected professional fees and provide Unlimited Legal Advice!

      The offer is unique to the membership and can provide coverage for your business tax and legal needs.
      Ongoing threats to your day to day business exist and members need reduce their business risks to ensure long term business survival.
      We all know someone who has been impacted by an unexpected tax audit, a health and safety issue, employment dispute or legal issue. Many of us have taken a hit due to legislative changes. The cost and time to handle these issues can add up in a hurry.

      How can you stop unexpected tax and legal costs from wreaking havoc on your business while protecting your bottom line?
      Restaurants Canada’s partner, PFP Inc., covers virtually any tax or legal issue that could derail your business:
      – Employment disputes
      – Tax audits, reviews, or appeals
      – Contract disputes and debt recovery
      – Property protection
      – Legal defence
      – Bodily Injury
      – Statutory licence protection
      – Unlimited Legal Advice

      If you are a member of Restaurants Canada, you get more than 50% off the annual cost of this protection! And, you have access to unlimited FREE legal advice – even if your questions aren’t business related.
      Your exclusive pricing offer is available here. (

      Get your quote today as this simple coverage could save your business a lot of money, simple piece of mind coverage.

      PFP Inc. contact details: Email – and Office 855 505 1525

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      Sonia Thapar

      Hi, Richard! This sounds like an important and affordable service for any kind of business, and we will certainly be discussing it with the Personal Chefs, Private Chefs, Cooks and Caterers in our network.

      Chef Sonia
      The Chef Alliance & Chef Experiences
      905 539 0999

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