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      Sonia Thapar

      Whether you are a Personal Chef or a Private Chef, operating a meal prep service or have a booth at your local Farmer’s Markets, you are handling food every day, and the risks to your client’s health and your personal safety are of the utmost importance. What happens when a client claims that they had an allergic reaction to something that you prepared? No matter how experienced of a Chef you are, none of us are infallible and accidents can happen to anyone. What if the reaction was caused by the client consuming something else that day? Are you going to have the time and know-how to deal with this?

      Whether it’s cross-contamination causing food poisoning or a cut to your hand while chopping or even damage to the client’s property, the risks to your business and to you personally are high. From a little over $1 a day, you can get personal chef business liability insurance to protect you, your business and your clients, letting you focus on what you love most – cooking great food! Check out for more information.

      For details, contact a Chef Success Manager at 1 905 539 0999 or

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